Frequently Asked Questions


Is SFTW Still Accepting Donations?

Yes! As of today (April 13, 2021), Stamps for the Wounded is still operating. We are accepting donations, processing them and distributing them to veterans. SFTW has been active since 1942, and we plan to continue for some time.

Some donors have reported hearing / reading that we were out of business. If you have heard or read this somewhere on the Internet, please contact us to let us know where you saw it so that we can set the record straight.

Some people have asked whether the COVID-19 pandemic has stalled our operations. We have made some adjustments in our operations in order to keep our volunteers safe. However, we continue to accept used postage stamps clipped from envelopes, stamp collections, supplies and other philatelic materials, and we continue to distribute them to our veterans. More information about donations is on our Donations page.

Local Donation Locations?

Sometimes we are asked by potential donors whether they can save on postage by delivering their donations to a “drop-off” location in their vicinity. We can only accept local delivery in Vienna, VA or Bethesda, MD by special arrangement, in advance. Otherwise, donations must be shipped to one of our Post Office Boxes.

Which Address Should I Use?

The Stamps for the Wounded brochures list two addresses, one is P.O. Box 297, Dunn Loring VA 22027-0297 and the other is c/o John Hotchner, P.O. Box 1125, Falls Church VA 22041-1125.

Both addresses are valid and are checked on a regular basis. We are gradually steering all donations to the Dunn Loring address, but we will maintain the Falls Church address for a good long time to come. Use whichever you prefer.