Living in the Days of COVID-19

The volunteers of Stamps for the Wounded (SFTW) are fervently hoping that this post finds all of our veterans, donors and volunteers safely isolated from the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic. These are difficult times for everyone on the planet.

The previous post about SPRINGPEX became obsolete almost as soon as it went up, when that show was cancelled. NAPEX 2020 in June has also been cancelled. The next show in the region that SFTW would normally attend would be BALPEX 2020 in Baltimore. As much as we would like things to return to “normal” as soon as possible, missing a few stamp shows to reduce the spread of coronavirus is not a massive sacrifice.

SFTW continues our operations, at a reduced rate, with some modifications to ensure the safety of our volunteers and to comply with local emergency restrictions.

Donation acknowledgements will continue to be sent out, although there might be some delay in opening incoming parcels. If you are concerned that your donation acknowledgement has “fallen through the cracks” please do contact us and we will double check.

Packages to veterans are being sent out as soon as we have material ready to ship. Processing operations are continuing at a reduced pace to maintain social distancing. We continue to accept donations by mail. We would request that large-volume donations be postponed, if feasible, until the “stay at home” orders in Virginia are lifted. We will post an update when things resume a normal pace.

We continue to seek veterans who would like to receive stamps or covers from SFTW. With so many people restricted to home anyway, this is a good time to catch up on your stamp collecting. Perhaps this is an opportunity to resume collecting after a hiatus. With all the kids at home, getting them involved with stamps is one way to keep them occupied and engaged. Soaking, sorting, arranging and learning about postage stamps is one way to escape the boredom and isolation of being shut in. If you are a veteran who would like to receive stamps or collector supplies, please get in touch with us.

Stay safe, stay healthy and keep on stamping!

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